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Saturday, March 11, 2023

Psychic Advisor

·         All of us have a desire to doubt things in our lives; to ponder, wonder, check, and know. Occasionally that need brings us to someone who, based on Divine Guidance, can help us gain understanding and clarity in a situation that may be troubling us. Why is it that some people can benefit from a spiritual consultation or psychic reading while others are more prone to fueling human conditions like emotional deprivation, depression, grief, or the perception of loss of any kind? Instead of alleviating these things as a result of receiving psychic advice about a problem in your life, the readings shift into filling an emptiness that becomes harder to manage and results in what is known as "psychic addiction." For more information on psychic advisor, visit our website.

I can remember delivering a reading on a psychic network on the internet, where thousands of advisors were advertising their services despite the fact that there was no requirement for expertise or understanding. I have been able to observe a stark difference between callers who phone network psychics and callers who call for a private session because I own and run my own business independent of any network.

Very often, searchers of psychic assistance who are calling psychics on a network may call hundreds of different psychics asking them the identical questions. The temptation is too great for them to resist, even when told not to. They keep calling in an effort to find out if what one psychic claimed will be confirmed by another, then another, and so on. Continue doing this until the querent (the seeker) starts calling psychics with information they "believe," based on what they have been told, and which now takes on a new quality or dimension in a reading, actually starting to change the baseline circumstances and causing a shift in what is picked up from psychic to psychic. In other words, somewhere along the line, the initial worry becomes muddled with unproven facts and assumptions, and as a result, new sentiments emerge from what they now believe and start to feel they already know. A genuine psychic can sense thoughts, feelings, etc., but when a client experiences brand-new emotions and ideas as a result of what they have been told by dozens or even hundreds of psychics, this is referred to as "transformed energy." Many psychics struggle with the discrepancy between what they "see" and what the client is saying. A knowledgeable spiritual guide is necessary to look past these new convictions and preconceived notions and to reach the root of the issue, untainted by nonsense (most likely idealistic and often fanciful information where things turn out precisely as the seeker wants them to). A frequent fallacy is that a psychic can read someone else's feelings, and if they are positive to the client, they are incorrectly converted into a favourable future forecast. Here, expertise and experience are required.

Although many psychics pick up on similar facts in the past and present, these forecasts are frequently inaccurate. As a result, you can picture the kind of uncertainty that would emerge over time if you repeatedly consult different psychics. All of a sudden, there is no longer any clarity, only confusion, and both many and no answers. In actuality, there are far too many responses—too many points of view, too many personal judgements, and far too many readings from far too many various [misguided] advisers who state contradictory things. The seeker then asks psychic after psychic in an attempt to clarify his or her uncertainty, which creates a vicious circle. This is especially true in huge networks where there are many people trained to perform script readings or cold readings; in these networks, the likelihood of seeing an actual psychic is two in literally hundreds (or roughly 0.5%). Anyone with dependency problems should not come here. Psychic readings can become as addictive as anything else that might lead to dependence, including alcohol and narcotics. Since drug and alcohol addictions transcend generations of families, research have shown that these inclinations are typically inherited. The method is the same for those who have been dependent on psychic readings. Although there haven't been any clinical studies comparing psychic addiction to drug, alcohol, or psychological addiction, be certain that the same impulses and tendencies are present in this behaviour and that phoning too many psychics too frequently has just as dangerous repercussions. The seeker now visits the psychic to get a quick fix; instead of illumination, the seeker is looking for the utopian, unrealistic information provided. The "wonderful feeling" that the seeker has after being told that everything would go exactly as he or she desires becomes addictive. This works for a time until the seeker fully understands that they have been the victim of dishonest tactics or even because well-intentioned psychic advisers fall prey to these traps. At that point, things start to get nasty and there are thousands of angry seekers who may finally connect with a real psychic who can assist them, but who will never be able to recognise it because this is the point at which a seeker calls and is "abrupt, impatient, and ready to harass" a genuine spiritual advisor.

I want to draw attention to my personal experience as a genuine psychic intuitive and the impression I get from speaking with seekers over a network as opposed to those in a private appointment. Those that call me privately have typically done their homework on psychics, are frequently former network psychics who have lost all faith in the field, but their own intuition tells them that there is something genuine out there. To find someone who is genuine—someone whose abilities are exceeded only by their moral character and abiding devotion to the truth—they simply need to work a bit harder.

When someone consults a real private psychic advisor, they usually have no barriers, are relaxed and open, and are ready to hear the truth. If there are any obstacles, the private adviser can calm the client down and get them ready for an authentic reading before they begin because the session is not cut short when your money runs out. In contrast to networks, the seeker wants to dive immediately into their reading without hesitation and frequently isn't prepared for a genuine reading because they are pressed for time. In a private reading, searchers can receive the clarification they require, feel powerful and uplifted afterward, and be satisfied until their subsequent session. Those with psychic dependency are helped through psychic networks. They don't help with their problem; instead, they exacerbate it by making people spend more money than they can afford, which exacerbates rather than resolves their issues.

A lot of network users can be abrupt, impatient, and completely unappreciative of the process of having a true psychic reading. I also discovered that many of these users have no idea what a real psychic reading is supposed to deliver or what they might fairly expect. At this stage, the client is frustrated from receiving too many readings, confused about what to believe, and somewhat furious, which creates a barrier for the reader to tune in and connect with Higher Consciousness. Your inquiries may not all be answered by a psychic. They are not ALL-KNOWING. Based on the questions, they can give you their "impressions," which are typically a piece of the puzzle. They can help you use your own judgement to identify the solutions on your own. Yet, a client bringing in so many different things (for example, thoughts and notions they have learned from other psychics) creates a barrier because a psychic needs to start over with a circumstance. Some psychics will invent a fantasy, which the seeker will then feed off of, which is very unethical. A qualified psychic will assist you in locating your inner self and core and will provide you with remarkable insights, correct forecasts, and knowledge. But it is astounding that the majority of network psychics, on the whole, are unable to make precise forecasts. I've discovered that the seeker and psychics feed off of one another, resulting in an experience that is quite disconnected from actual, spiritually based information. They are utilising one another. This is not what a reading should be like, and I have frequently found it challenging to read seekers on networks. I'm sure the experience was frustrating for both parties.

You should seek professional counselling if you feel out of control due to your desire for frequent readings because there may be other underlying issues that require treatment and the typical run-of-the-mill phoney psychic employed by a network will not be able to assist you. To stop the PsyCle of Mutual Exploitation, you must contribute. A private psychic session with an authentic psychic intuitive will show you what a real spiritual reading really is. If your questions are answered, you will no longer be bound by an endless feeling of helplessness and hopelessness or the "urge" to join the fast-food psychic addict circuit. If you learn what a genuine psychic reading can actually do for you to enhance your life, changing this habit may be simpler than you think. Want to know more about psychic reading on love? Visit our website today!


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