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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tips for your PC getting in Shape

1. 1.Backup your work :

We have all experience the sinking feeling of losing a document you have been working on for hour. One of the most reliable method preserving valuable files is to backup external devices.

2.  2.Empty Recycle Bin :

Get clear of all useless files that are cluttering your PC by regularly emptying your recycle bin.

3. 3.Ensure your internet security is up to date :

Update your virus protection and run a full system scan when if u can. Cleaning your pc any malware ,Trojans and spyware will help your pc to perform better and help to protect you from identity theft.

4  4.  Delete unused programs :

You have taken care of these maintenance basice, you can really start cleaning. Delete duplicate files and remove programmes that haven’t been used for a year. Not only will you benefit from more hard drive space and a less cluttered start menu. But your computer will also run faster.

   5.   Delete Temporary internet files
This Temporary internet files folder on your hard  disk is used o store web pages , images  , audio and video files , and other content from the websites you  visit.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Create MS SQL Connection string Disign Mode

Easy way to create database connection string & Microsoft sql server.

Open New Project.
Data ----> Add New Data
Click Create New Connection Button.

See this images.

Open Add Connection Window.

Select SQL Server Name.
If u installed sql server authentication mode , select sql authentication & you must enter sql user name & password. Other wise select windows authentication mode.
Add Select Database name in drop down list.

See images..

Then Click Test Connection Button. if connection is ok display message " Test Connection Successfully "
Other wise popup Error Message.

After Test connection click Advanced Button.

Then Display Advanced Properties Window.
Copy text i mention in highlighted red colour and paste your coding.

Like this ::

    Public Overridable Function Con_Open() As Integer
            Con_Adon = New SqlConnection(Data Source=**** ;Initial Catalog=*** ;User ID=** ;Password=*** )
            Return 1
        Catch ex As Exception
            Return 0
        End Try
    End Function

Do you have any problem or doubt please comment . i will help you.

Thank you.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Create simple calculator VB 6.0

Create simple calculator using VB 6.0
Open new project.
Add 16 Command Button & text box.
Change the command button caption 0 , 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ,5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , . , + , -  , * , / and =
Create 0-9 command button control array.
Like cmbNo(0) , cmdNo(1) , cmdNo(2), …., cmdNo(9)  Like this..
Change text box name txtno
Change other command button sutable name.

Dim no1 As Double
Dim no2 As Double
Dim symbol As String
Private Sub cmdAdd_Click()
no1 = Val(txtNo.Text)
symbol = "+"
txtNo.Text = ""
End Sub
Private Sub cmddevide_Click()
no1 = Val(txtNo.Text)
symbol = "/"
txtNo.Text = ""
End Sub
Private Sub cmddot_Click()
    txtNo.Text = txtNo.Text & "."
End Sub
Private Sub cmdEqul_Click()
no2 = Val(txtNo.Text)
If symbol = "+" Then
    txtNo.Text = Format(Val(no1 + no2), "0.00")
ElseIf symbol = "-" Then
    txtNo.Text = Format(Val(no1 - no2), "0.00")
ElseIf symbol = "*" Then
    txtNo.Text = Format(Val(no1 * no2), "0.00")
ElseIf symbol = "/" Then
    txtNo.Text = Format(Val(no1 / no2), "0.00")
End If
End Sub
Private Sub cmdminus_Click()
no1 = Val(txtNo.Text)
symbol = "-"
txtNo.Text = ""
End Sub
Private Sub cmdmul_Click()
no1 = Val(txtNo.Text)
symbol = "*"
txtNo.Text = ""
End Sub
Private Sub cmdNO_Click(Index As Integer)
    txtNo.Text = txtNo.Text & Index
End Sub

If you have any doubt please comment it. I will help you.

Download sample project (3 MB)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ultimate Traffic Generating Course

The ultimate traffic generating course.
Type – Flv  / Language – English / Size – 1.25 GB

Web site or blog owners most important thing is there traffic. This video tutorial help you to how to increase your web or blog traffic.  You will learn how to get traffic social network , forums , etc. all of these help you to increase your blog traffic.

Content :
Module 01      :Website
Module 02      :SEO
Module 03      :Content
Module 04      :Social Media
Module 05      :Power Plays

Download Link :

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some Open Source Software for Windows

Open source software is a free software.its good for you and me and rest of the world. reason for that it is free. It is Good software.

Mozilla Firefox

Web Browsing
Open source browser. It is world best browser. It has tabs , pop-up blocking , themes , and extension.


Audio city

Sound recording.
Simple and easily sound recording tool.



Graphics / Photo Editing
Photo editing software. It has photo shop features.



Video Player
It has beautiful interface. Play any type of video. Torrent support. It can search and download youtube video.


Miro Video Converter

Video Converter
Convert any type of video other any type. Its full clear. It can use i-phone , I pad & android.



Instant Masseging
Connect to multiple accounting simultaneously. Include AOL IM , MSN , Jabber


Skip Screen

Firefox extension
Skip unnecessary clicks and wait  rapidshare , megaupload , etc.


Mozilla thunderbird

Power full spam filtering , and all feature you need.


Monday, December 5, 2011

`` Gmail for Power Users ``

Gmail for power users
ISO - 426 MB 

Gmail is the world famous mailing system. Do you know everything of Gmail. There r video tutorial for how to get full advantage of gmail. This tutorial learn you how to manage multiple accounts , Gmail short cut , advantage of lables , Calendar , Google Docs , voice and video chat , implementing  and managing gmail. Etc…

Topics included :

Use Gmail in firefox , Chrome , Internet Explorer and Safari

Setting Desktop notification with google talk (win and mac)

Keyboard Shortcut

Previewing message content from the inbox

Performing Advanced searches

Creating labels and  sub labels

Creating Rich text Signature

Initiating and facilitating group chat

Integrate calendar and docs in your inbox

Managing multiple accounts

Using Gmail with Outlook , thunderbird & apple mail 

Download Link :

FileSonic ::

Uploaded ::

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Windows 7 Serects

Windows 7 Secrets..
PDF / 38 MB / 1080 Pages / English

I think do you know everything windows xp & windows vista. there is windows 7 serect. write by microsoft experts. this book teach you to how you modify your windows 7 operating system and how to use windows 7 operating system. after learning this book you can do everything easily and quickly therefor you can save your time.

i like to know ur feed back.
don't forget say something.

Download Link :


Monday, November 28, 2011

Apple Magazine November...

Language : English / Type : PDF / Size 33.5 MB

Apple magazine give you to latest apple product update and how to use that product. latest news of apple product. this magazine is good for all apple users.

Download Link :


Mens Fitness 101 Best Exercise

Mens Fitness Best 101 Exercise

English / PDF / 40MB

101 Exercise for helthy people. recognize for mental & emotional fitness.

Aim to man be a good active people.

Download Link :


SQL Server Training Videos

SQL Server Training Video
English / MP4 / 569.69 MB
This course teaches you to basic to advance Topic of SQL.
There are 8 chapter and 8 tutorials.
After learn this video you can apply your sql knowledge for business or personal use.

Basic :
How to create table.
Select Statement.
Create Views.
Add where close to select statement.

Insert Statement
Update Statement
Delete Statement

Order By 
Group By

Inner Join
Outer Join
Left Outer Join
Right Outer Join

Sub Queries

Download Link :




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