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Saturday, December 18, 2021

Carpet Cleaning


  • Is it better to wait as long as possible before cleaning my carpets?

    NO. The concept of putting off cleaning your carpets dates back many years. There was no method to clean carpets without leaving any residue back then. A soapy residue was constantly left behind after your carpet was cleaned. As a result, my carpets became dirtier after they were cleaned. That was once true, but not any longer. For more information on Carpet Cleaning In Ruddington, visit our website.

    Carpets that are dirty can have a negative impact on your health! If properly maintained, carpet can actually improve indoor air quality. This is due to the fact that your carpet is more than just a nice soft floor covering. It is your home's largest air filter, trapping soil, allergens, bacteria, pollens, chemicals, and other impurities that might otherwise be released into the air. Your carpet will survive more than twice as long if it is properly cleaned every 12 to 16 months with the correct truck mounted steam cleaning processes.

    Is it harmful to my carpet if I clean it?

    CERTAINLY NOT! In fact, the reverse is true. As previously said, cleaning your carpet properly and at the appropriate intervals considerably extended the life of your carpet.

    On my carpet, can I use any over-the-counter spot remover?

    NO, NOT ALL THE TIME! There are a lot of good over-the-counter spot removers on the market nowadays. There are a few things you should be aware of. To begin with, avoid using any product that contains the name OXI. Regardless of the label, that product contains slow oxidising bleach, which can permanently remove the colour from your carpet, leaving white blotches where the colour once was. To eliminate the spotting residue from any spotter, rinse it thoroughly with clean, cool water.

    Why do some places continually reappearing?

    The main reason the spot reappears after you think it's gone is that you didn't remove all of the remaining spotting substance. There are few straightforward solutions to this problem. Fill a spray bottle halfway with cold water. Spray the area to make it damp, but not wet. Place a white towel over the moistened area and cover it with aluminium foil. Then, on top of the foil, lay some books or other heavy things. The foil protects the book from becoming damaged due to moisture absorption. Allow 24 hours for these layers to set. The carpet dries from the bottom up and comes to a halt at the carpet tips, which are the final surface it comes into touch with. The stain spreads into the towel and out of the carpet as the towel becomes the final surface. In most situations, the bothersome spot will vanish. If some persists after 24 hours, repeat the procedure. You now understand why some spots reappear.

    Is it a terrible idea for me to vacuum my carpet?

    NO! Vacuuming your carpet infrequently is detrimental to its health. When you vacuum, you may get rid of a lot of the dirt and allergens that are still near to the surface. If these dirt and allergens are not removed, they become lodged deep in the carpet's foundation, causing the carpet to become unhealthy.

    Remember that dirt contains allergens that can cause respiratory difficulties and allergic reactions in susceptible people. You'll be healthier if you keep it clean.

    Is it possible that the carpet cleaning process can make you sick?

    NO! There has never been any evidence that having your carpet cleaned causes disease or illness. It's simply the media inventing something out of thin air.

    Is it possible that having carpet in your home will aggravate your allergies?

    NO! The carpet in your home serves as the greatest air filter available. Allergy sufferers will benefit greatly from having their carpet professionally cleaned at the prescribed intervals.

    When getting my carpet cleaned, what is the best system to use?

    Shaw, the world's largest carpet manufacturer, now requires that all carpets be cleaned with a residue-free technique. If you have a problem, they can void your warranty if they test your carpet and find residue. That being said, steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, is the only carpet cleaning technology capable of doing so. Steam cleaning, when done correctly by a certified carpet cleaning technician, will thoroughly clean the carpet while also leaving it virtually dry.

    How long should it take for a carpet to dry after it has been cleaned?

    The average time to clean a carpet is 1 to 3 hours if correct carpet cleaning processes are followed. Depending on the weather, this may change slightly. However, you should never have to wear boots after cleaning a carpet because it was left too damp. Want to know more about the Carpet Cleaning Nottingham? Visit our website for more information.

    Is there an odour left behind after a regular carpet cleaning?

    NO. Before the final cleaning process, all pre-treating of the carpet should be completed. Only if you have an animal urine problem will there be an odour. The odour neutralising chemicals that must be used in these situations may leave a slight odour for a short time, but this should pass. Cleaning a normal, everyday unclean carpet leaves no odour.

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