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Sunday, December 29, 2019


To achieve the privilege of experiencing the Holy Spirit's presence, we have to first realize that Jesus left Him on the planet is the leader, the guide, and Comforter towards the Church. The greater we know of the Holy Spirit His role in aiding the Church, and the role within our personal lives, the higher we will have His manifestations within our individual lives, in addition to whenever we get together like a group--corporately. For more information on author and bible teacher jason powers, visit our website today.
Whenever we get together inside a corporate setting, for corporate praise, worship, prayer, preaching, bible study, or regardless of the purpose: The scriptures states where there's several, collected together in the Jesus the Holy Spirit is incorporated in the midst. Before He'll manifest Themself (demonstrate that he's present), there has to be a particular atmosphere produced for Him to appear.
I have listed 14 things I have learned within my almost three decades in ministry regarding how to create an environment for that Holy Spirit to maneuver within our services. This pertains to corporate praise and worship--not private devotion.
Prior to starting any service, there must be one individual who's recognized or designated through the group because the leader of praise and worship. This will be significant because each time God's people get together, someone must move forward. The Holy Spirit honors authority and leadership. Why? Since it was ordained by God the daddy. The Holy Spirit understands His place inside the Godhead and that he works inside the authority God has provided Him. He'll not usurp His or anyone else's authority. He seeks no praise or worship for Themself, that believers will praise and worship God the daddy and Jesus Christ, the Boy.
Notice that anytime God's people (two or three) collect in the Jesus, He's instantly there at the time. Despite the fact that He's there, He'll not instantly manifest Themself unless of course He's requested to do this.
After we realize He's present, we have to recognize and recognition His presence.
Invite Him in the future in to the service and get that His will be performed within the service. This really is necessary since the Holy Spirit is really a gentleman. He's very sensitive and won't stay anywhere that he's not welcomed or wanted. He'll not pressure His may on anyone. He'll appear and can not manifest Themself only when He's requested or asked to do this. If He becomes grieved, He'll leave. This is exactly why you will find spiritual gatherings where regardless of how spiritual you can be, you might be unable to sense His presence. That is because the best atmosphere is not looking for Him to manifest Themself. When the Holy Spirit becomes grieved through the leadership or by what's going on for the reason that setting, He'll leave and you'll not sense His presence. Again, He always turns up when several believers get together in the Jesus, but He'll not necessarily manifest Themself for that reasons I've indicated.
When the stage is placed, by inviting Him in to the service, everybody must start to praise and worship Jesus Christ together. The Holy Spirit wants us to exalt the Jesus that name that's above every name. Unless of course there's a praise and worship team or perhaps a worship leader designated to guide the service, the one that may lead your body into corporate worship might not have emerged, up to now. They're worshipping included in the group--the organization body.
At first of praise and worship before sensing the existence of the Holy Spirit you might sense dryness inside your words. The language being talked to god may go through lifeless such as the Lord isn't hearing you you might seem like what you are saying aren't rising to paradise but they are just bouncing from the ceiling. It is because the mind and carnal ideas have to be cleansed as well as your carnal ideas should be changed into spiritual ideas. Tendency to slack up and don't despair at this time since this is the phase where you stand moving in the flesh/carnal realm in to the spirit realm. Sometimes, it might take some time for that group, or perhaps the leader to interrupt through this realm in to the spirit realm, and obtain on a single accord. Keep praising and worshipping God, and exalting the Jesus. Keep speaking to Him and telling Him just how much you like Him how wonderful He's and so forth. This is when a powerful praise and worship leader, a minister, or somebody who has been fasting and praying is essential. She or he could keep pressing with the fleshly/carnal realm and in to the spirit realm with words of praise and thanksgiving to God until there's a breakthrough where the existence of God starts to illuminate charge worshipper, and yet another worshippers. At this time, everybody that has drawn on in to the spiritual realm starts to sense that God is hearing their words of praise and thanksgiving.
Right now, the praise and worship leader must have taken charge and started to guide others into songs, psalms, words of exhortation, prayer, prediction, and so forth. Now, everybody ought to be encouraged to speak to and also to express their personal feelings towards the Lord. For example, you may be expected to simply tell him how wonderful He's how marvelous He's, just how much you like Him the way you rely on Him and without Him that you can do nothing. If you do not understand what to state, stick to the words from the worship leader, or make a mind of your time, by studying the Psalms of probably the most famous worship leaders of occasions--King David. Write lower a few of the words, statements, and songs King David, the shepherd, the warrior, or even the servant, accustomed to worship and magnify god. You might would like to read words of expression to God, directly from the Bible. The objective of this is to buy the mind on spiritual things and in contact with God. Generally worship, the Holy Spirit will respond whenever we sing from your hearts, songs to God and Jesus-not songs about the subject. It is crucial that people sing to Him in praise and worship, and never about Him. This can bring His presence right into a room faster than anything. We have seen this when David sang and performed his harp before King Saul. The anointed music introduced the existence of God and drove the evil spirits from Saul's presence. David would be a minstrel which is the job of the minstrel.
During this period of corporate praise and worship, the anointing from the Holy Spirit will start to rest upon one individual within the group (this might or might not function as the praise and worship leader). Whomever the anointing falls upon, that individual should move forward in ongoing to praise and worship by leading the audience as far in to the Spirit of oneness, as you possibly can. The aim is to buy everybody on a single accord. The best choice may vary from one individual to a different, throughout general praise and worship, or it might be one individual throughout the whole time who takes charge and brings the audience in to the spirit of oneness. All this is performed in well as in order and without confusion.
Once the group has moved in the carnal or fleshly realm in to the spirit realm, everybody is going to be on a single accord and really should be sensing or feeling the existence of the Holy Spirit. Again, this sensing of His presence occurs through personal praise and worship, by telling god just how much you like Him: generally, just praising Him with personal words of affection, gratitude and admiration, or by singing songs to Him and never songs about Him. One at a time, because the group senses the existence of the Holy Spirit, this is when pure praise and worship starts to occur, and also the Holy Spirit's presence will get more powerful and more powerful. At the moment increasing numbers of people will start to sense His presence.
When the group is on a single accord, pure praise and worship has become going to the throne of God - to God the daddy. In John 4:23-24 Jesus stated, "The hour cometh, and today is, once the true worshippers shall worship the daddy in spirit as well as in truth: for that Father seeketh such to worship him. God is really a Spirit: plus they that worship him must worship him in spirit as well as in truth." Hopefully, everybody within the group has become sensing the existence of the Holy Spirit on some level. Pure praise and worship has become moving forward. The existence of God/the Holy Spirit ought to be strong at this time. This degree of praise and worship continues before the Holy Spirit begins moving upon the worship leader, or even the minster to shift from corporate praise and worship to a different direction within the now spirit-filled service. At the moment one individual within the group--the pastor, apostle, elder, prophet, evangelist, teacher, music performer, approximately on, ought to be anointed to accept lead and start to circulate within the Spirit through ongoing praise, worship, songs, prayer, as well as other manifestations from the Spirit.
Once the group is on a single accord this is when the Holy Spirit's presence may be the most powerful. So, the higher the unity within the group, the more powerful the existence of the God the Holy Spirit. The greater divided the audience the less strong the existence of the Holy Spirit. If there's plenty of bitterness and contention one of the group, it is extremely unlikely that you'll sense His presence inside a tangible way.
When the existence of the Holy Spirit is powerful inside a group, and almost everybody is sensing the existence of God He starts to search the people's hearts for belief. Once the He finds belief, He will start to move upon the individual with belief for your kids to inquire about God for whatever is on their own heart. That individual or persons will start to sense the private secretary of state for the Holy Spirit. The more powerful the group's belief, the higher the symbol of the Holy Spirit is going to be both corporately and individually. Because the Holy Spirit starts to minister personally to individuals within the service there might be manifestations of pleasure, shouting, dancing, weeping, kneeling in worship approximately on. If there's corporate belief for any certain need, the Holy Spirit will start to inspire somebody that is anointed to minister on the bottom. The Holy Spirit can start to maneuver upon one individual or persons within the group, according to their individual anointings (abilities). This is when a number of the nine gifts from the Holy Spirit can start to function: The gifts of divers tongues, interpretation of tongues, prediction the gifts from the word of knowledge, the term of understanding, the discerning of spirits the gifts of belief, working of miracles and healings can start to manifest. Fundamental essentials nine gifts from the Spirit (1Corinthians 12:1-11).
The Holy Spirit manifests Themself with the nine gifts from the Spirit in line with the understanding and maturity degree of the believers present. If pure belief, and dependency exclusively upon God is shown, He'll work miracles whatever the maturity and understanding from the believers. He's hindered in the finest manifestations if there's unbelief and doubt within the group. The higher the doubt and unbelief, the less He'll manifest Themself. The greater belief and understanding from the Word of God exists, the higher the symbol of His Spirit and Presence, and the higher the signs, wonders, miracles, and solutions to prayer.
He responds rapidly to praise and worship that exalts Jesus Christ especially to anointed music that's performed and sang to glorify God and never the main one singing or playing the instruments.
You will find a lot of church services in which the Holy Spirit's presence isn't welcomed or otherwise understood. As believers in Christ, we ought to welcome His presence within our midst--in the end Jesus stated He'd not leave us here comfortless but would send the Holy Spirit to keep His work after He ascended to paradise.
Dorothy Bracy Alston is really a author, community activist, prayer intercessor, and minister. She was licensed to preach almost 30 years ago and ordained a pastor in 2005. She's the founding father of Worship Center Ministries, a belief-based organization that advocates for poor, needy, afflicted, and fatherless individuals. WCM's mission is: Educate...Eradicate...Emancipate. This is accomplished through prayer, training, as well as other outreaches services towards the Body of Christ. Want to know more about The fellowship with the Holy Spirit? Visit our website for more information.


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