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Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Right Brush

With a wall of brushes in most home improvement stores, how can you tell which one is best for your project? Here's a breakdown of paintbrushes to help you select which brush is your best option for your job. Here's a paintbrush breakdown which may enable you to browse the paint aisle next time you go to the home improvement store. Paintbrush bristles may be natural, artificial or a combination of both. Natural bristles, often produced from animal hair, are often employed using oil based paints and lacquers, while artificial bristles do best with latex paint. 

Nevertheless, always check the manufacturer's directions for use of the brush before purchasing, she counsels. Types of synthetic brushes include nylon and polyester, while organic bristles comprise ox hair, sable and camel. In addition available are sponge or foam brushes, that have no bristles at all. These may eliminate the visible brushstrokes which could be left in corners or on molding. They're also made to be thrown out after one use, even though it's possible to reuse specific sponge brushes if they're washed right away. The size of your project will establish the size of your brush. Smaller brushes should be employed for detail work, painting smaller trimming and cutting-in painting. 

Bigger brushes could be employed for painting corners and areas where paint brushes will be too big to use. Brush heads also vary in shape - a few are flat, while others are round. Rectangular brushes, for instance, may apply more paint to a wall faster, while a round brush may be used for project stencils or painting in a more concentrated area. There are also trim brushes which are designed especially for painting trim. The handle of this paintbrush can be an essential component. There's a debate on which is better - plastic or wood. Several brushes feature plastic handles, even though many professional painters have a tendency to prefer wood handles.

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