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Monday, November 14, 2016

Portable Ice Maker

Your Guide to Buying the Right Ice Maker

Are you considering buying an ice maker? To make a good choice, please consider the following six factors.

1. The amount of ice required

The quantity of ice you need dictates the size of the ice maker you should buy. Estimate the amount of ice you usually need on a busy day in pounds. Buy a machine that makes about 50% more than your estimate to reduce the risk of deficits.

Check the size of the bin where the ice collects. It should be able to collect enough ice as per your needs. Note that once it is full, the ice maker stops producing more ice. Therefore, once you empty the bin, you will have to wait for some time before you can get more ice.

2. Type of Coolant: Water or air?

Water cooled machines make ice by transferring heat from the water meant for forming ice to the cooling water. They use more water than ice makers cooled by air, but they do not produce much noise. Air cooled machines use air for cooling, and they produce more noise than water cooled machines.

The solution to the noise problem is to invest in a remote air-cooled condenser. It can be fitted outside on the wall or the roof which leaves the room where the ice maker is located free of noise. Though it comes at an extra cost, the long-term benefits of a remote condenser are invaluable.

3. Type of ice desired

Different ice makers can produce various forms of ice such as ice cubes, gourmet ice, flake ice, and nuggets. Each type is suitable for certain scenarios. For instance, ice cubes are ideal for beverages since they are hard and do not melt quickly. Slow melting prevents the drinks from getting diluted too soon. Flake ice, on the other hand, is suitable for preservation of meat. Some ice makers can produce different forms of ice.

4. Where to place the machine

Under the counter ice makers are common in bars where the bar-attender serves drinks from the counter. It saves the seller energy since the ice is just below him in case he needs to reach it. Counter-top ice makers are suitable for self-service. Stand-alone ice makers are useful when you need ice in large quantities, especially for sale. Such ice makers need a lot of space.

5. Power consumption

Some ice makers use more electrical power per lb of ice than others. Compare the energy requirements of the various models of machines in the market so that you can reduce the operational cost.

6. Warranty

Warranty varies from company to company and from model to model. Warranties mainly cover parts, years of operation and the compressor. Some companies cover all these areas as a bundle, but others offer different warranty periods for each component. Confirm with the dealer what the warranty covers. Some companies may offer to extend the warranty if you purchase water filters since they improve the performance of the ice maker, hence reducing the risk of break downs. And do not forget to visit our website for more information on the top ice makers money can buy.

The life of any ice maker depends on how you take care of it. Use clean water and keep the machine well ventilated. Do not place the ice maker close to ovens, dish washers or other sources of heat as this would adversely affect its performance. Follow the instructions in the user manuals and your ice maker will serve you well. Good luck.

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