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Friday, January 29, 2016



A drill pipe is the backbone associated with a directional drilling project. This sturdy, handy tool might not get all the attention it truly warrants, only one cannot deny it plays an important role in the success of the project, or its failure! For more information on pipe end protectors, visit our website today.

This might be the unsung hero at the drilling rig but it's costly equipment and it will have a price. A string of drill pipe might be very costly, sometimes costing $25,000 or even more (based on the size, obviously). Since the drill pipe is one kind of the most costly put on item for drilling jobs, purchasing it and maintaining it's a necessity.

The marketplace is quite competitive and in spite of the recession in the economy, the drilling marketplace is flourishing. So, the interest in drill pipes is fairly high, and you will find some factors to help keep in mind before purchasing.

You will find different types of drill pipes that certain may buy, varying from the most typical integral forged pipe to the press and fit type. Just like people conduct research while buying other products, the same should be done in the situation of the drill pipe too. For example, the buyer must consider just how much power the rig has and what type of rig they plan to use with the pipe. If the pipe and the rig don't match in size, the buyer is in for several head aches besides waste of cash. You should make certain that the drill pipe being bought is powerful enough for the rig or for the particular application you have in mind.

You should use the right grade of pipe. A substandard pipe leads to numerous fatigue resistance and this factor is extremely critical in the drilling industry as the torque limits of the pipe is pressed to the edge. Also, when drilling in a horizontal manner, you will find a lot of cyclical forces at the office.

When purchasing drill pipes, a portion of clients always opt for the cost factor. However, purchasing cheap might not continually be a good idea if this involves something like the drill pipe. Some companies are usually just a little shortsighted here, only one cannot pull off poor pipe all the time. Tough conditions can test the strength of the pipe. If the quality of the pipe is low, disaster can strike at the same time.

Since pipes are costly, you should take good proper care of them. Maintenance can maximize the existence of the drill pipe. Even simple actions like fishing rod inspection and regular cleaning yield great results. Another essential tip would be to rotate the drill rods in the fishing rod basket to ensure that the same fishing rod isn't the first to enter the ground always. To know more about barrel thread protectors, do not forget to visit our website for more information.

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