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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Clash of Clans

·         The Elixir Collector collects Elixir from an limitless subterranean reserve and stores it until collected through the player and put into an Elixir Storage. Once the collector is full, production is going to be stopped until it's collected (or raided by an opponent player).

The development rate and capacity is dependent around the level of the Elixir Collector. Gamers could possibly get a concept of just how much Elixir the collector is storing because when full the tank seems. For more information about clash of clans hack tool, keep reading.

The Elixir Collector occupies a 3x3 space.

If you select to upgrade an Elixir Collector, it'll instantly collect any uncollected Elixir. Observe that in case your Elixir Storages are full in those days, the uncollected Elixir is going to be lost! Throughout the upgrade the collector stops creating Elixir.

When the Elixir Collector is level 5, you are able to temporarily boost its production with Gems. Investing Gems will double the amount Collector's production for one day.

Whenever you click to improve the Elixir Collector time seems for any couple of seconds.

It may be beneficial to place your Elixir Enthusiasts outdoors of your Walls, to allow them to behave as a distraction to models for example Barbarians and Archers.

Attackers can steal as much as 50% of the uncollected Elixir within the enthusiasts. Getting a lot of uncollected assets could make you a far more attractive target.

If the Elixir Collector is destroyed within an attack even though it is being upgraded, no Elixir is going to be lost because the collector is empty throughout this time around.

Pay attention towards the location of Elixir Enthusiasts when planning your attack, as Elixir Enthusiasts are often only marginally protected and could be quite lucrative, especially at high levels. Many occasions just one Archer can be put in a way that it may destroy an Elixir Collector while standing obvious of any protection.

If you notice a round number of Elixir inside a raid, its likely likely to be within the Elixir Enthusiasts instead of the Elixir Storages (example 90,000). Although round amounts can happen in Elixir Storages, they happen a lot more frequently when Elixir Storages happen to be purged with a previous raid and also the resultant shield has permitted the Elixir Enthusiasts to totally fill.

When raiding for Elixir, you are able to know if the Elixir Collector is full or otherwise by searching in the tank. And it's also simpler to inform if Elixir Enthusiasts are full than Gold Mines, so use that notion to your benefit even if farming Gold (Elixir Enthusiasts will fill in the same rate as same-level Gold Mines).

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