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Sunday, June 21, 2015

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·         It's never quite as easy as giving a straight quote for a boiler replacement cost. There are many factors that need to be considered when looking to fit a new boiler, especially if it isn't a straight replacement. To know more about cost of boiler service, keep on reading. We've covered some of the main issues which can affect the overall cost of you boiler installation below: 

Location: Firstly, you should consider where the new boiler is going to be situated. Is the boiler going to be hung on the wall, or floor-standing. The situation you have in mind, might not be suitable for your new system, or you may need to buy a larger or smaller boiler to suit. This will also have a direct influence on the way in which the flue is routed out of your house.

Size: Size is another factor which will affect the replacement cost, both the size of the boiler and the property. Needless to say the larger the property, the larger (and more expensive) you boiler will be as it will need to heat more rooms, and supply enough hot water to cope with larger families.

Infrastructure: Existing infrastructure plays a key role in keeping your boiler replacement cost down. If you have existing pipework which can be used again, this will save a lot of money in the overall installation as it can be re-used. It may need to be flushed to ensure it's clean but you will save having to re-fit the whole lot. If however you are changing fuels, the infrastructure may need to come out and be replaced.

Regular or Combi Boiler? Choosing between the two types can potentially save a lot of money. Regular boilers are almost always cheaper than combi boilers, however both have drawbacks. Regular boilers require a separate water tank (which you would normally find in an airing cupboard), which clearly takes up more space, however combis, which heat water directly as it passes through are more unreliable and have no backup tank if they break down.

You shouldn't let all these decisions put you off finding out how much a new boiler will cost. By getting a boiler quote through Building Quotes you can be guided through the quote process to find the perfect boiler replacement cost for you.

To find out more about cost of a boiler service, visit us today.


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