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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

SAP course online training

SAP is one of  the world largest software. It's called ERP. That mean enterprises resource plane. But study SAP is very expensive and if you know SAP you can earn huge amount. But Indian have  good advantage. There is SAP Training online and it mainly cover HR and HCM module. They teach you 11 modules related to HR via online.
here is these module.
  1. Payroll 
  2. SCHEMAS & PCR's.
  3. Taxation
  4. Payroll/Time Management operations and Functions
  5. Dynamic Actions
  6. Infotype Creation
  7. HR Forms(Adobe forms, Smart Forms and PE51-Form)
  8. Time Management (+ve and -ve)
  9. SCHEMAS and PCR's.
  10. Basics of ABAP related to HR
  11. Creation of ADHOC Queries
This chance for you. Study well and grow your future. 

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