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Friday, January 10, 2014

Joelle O'Reilly-Hyland: Educating girls

An investment in women’s education for a community in the developing world can be extremely beneficial for a variety of different reasons. In fact women’s education is something that can majorly influence the social and economic development in a developing nation.

Hello my name is Joelle O’Reilly-Hyland and the avocation for the education of women around the world is one of the causes most dear to my heart. By spending time and providing resources to educate women in developing nations around the world we can effect real change in communities that need it the most, these changes which will ripple through economic and national finances to benefit individuals the world over.

In studies completed on women in developing countries that had the same level of education as their male counterparts, the women enjoyed lower birth rates, Longer life spans and better economic success. When the education of women was introduced in these areas economic changes were also recorded. After the educational effort was introduced, a large amount of economic growth was seen in these communities 25 years after the initiative was created. This only goes to show that educating women can have a massive impact when it comes to critically influencing social and economic development in a nation.

Gender inequality in education only sets to impact economic growth rates as a fair amount of the population will simply not be given the tools to make an impact economically in the nation. Educational inequality can also produce a negative effect when it comes to women being unable to provide even the most basic needs of life for their families. This is because women around the world who aren’t given fair access to education aren’t given the chance to earn enough money to provide for their families. This can mean that they are unable to provide food, shelter or even some of the most basic care needs for young families which can lead to sickness and mortality as well as much shorter life spans and quality of life.

Most of the time around the world parents are uninterested in giving their daughter educational opportunities because quite often their daughter is simply required to marry and take on the benefits from her new husband and his family. Investing in education for sons is a much more advantageous option for parents because sons will be responsible for caring for them in their old age. Attitudes like these must change if we are interested in making economic changes around the world. 

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