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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How to Download file free hosting site

1. copy url & paste address bar and press Enter key.
then appear window "Image 1". 

Image - 1

2.Click to "Slow Download" Button
And Appear  Capture text. -Image 2

Image - 2

3. Enter Correct text in Capture box.
& Click Again "Slow Download" Button. -Image 3

Image -3

4. Wait 30s. Image 4

Image -4

5. After 30s. now appear "Slower Download" Button.
Click "Slower Download " button.
After few seconds start downloading your file.

Image -5

There are many sites to free file downloading.
It is able to create other websites as look like this. but there are few changes.
but it is not big difficult to download file.

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