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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tips for your PC getting in Shape

1. 1.Backup your work :

We have all experience the sinking feeling of losing a document you have been working on for hour. One of the most reliable method preserving valuable files is to backup external devices.

2.  2.Empty Recycle Bin :

Get clear of all useless files that are cluttering your PC by regularly emptying your recycle bin.

3. 3.Ensure your internet security is up to date :

Update your virus protection and run a full system scan when if u can. Cleaning your pc any malware ,Trojans and spyware will help your pc to perform better and help to protect you from identity theft.

4  4.  Delete unused programs :

You have taken care of these maintenance basice, you can really start cleaning. Delete duplicate files and remove programmes that haven’t been used for a year. Not only will you benefit from more hard drive space and a less cluttered start menu. But your computer will also run faster.

   5.   Delete Temporary internet files
This Temporary internet files folder on your hard  disk is used o store web pages , images  , audio and video files , and other content from the websites you  visit.

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